Four Types of Recovery Kits:

$33 Surrender: A basic kit to get you started that will contain a cigar box, altar cloth, candle, matches, incense and incense holder, crystal, mantra card,  tea/coffee/beverage, tool for cleansing (palo santo, selenite, sage, or sweetgrass), and ritual papers.

$55 Acceptance:  Everything in Surrender and a 5 ml intention oil and mini journal.

$77 Growth: Everything in Acceptance and Pinch Me Therapy dough and a cacao bar.

$99 Transformation: Everything in Growth and a bracelet and 10 ml intention oil (instead of the 5 ml).

Instructions: When you place your order, you will receive a brief, but personal, questionnaire so that I can customize your kit intuitively. If this is a gift for a friend, you will be invited to forward the questionnaire to them.

History & Description: please click the link below to read how these kits came about, and what is included in each one.


Recovery Kits

Surrender – $33, Acceptance – $55, Growth – $77, Serenity – $99