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When I first started transitioning into a nomadic lifestyle, I felt displaced and somewhat frantic with all the movement. I knew I needed to have a grounding tool that would serve as my anchor. It would be something I could easily travel with, contain my spiritual tools, and serve as an altar to create an immediate sacred space wherever I went. Right then and there the Connection Kit was born. It is meant to reunite you to the home within yourself.

There are many practices and tools that can be used for bringing in connection to our mind, body, and spirit. When creating these kits, I focus on bringing in the elements and items to help you tune into your senses. Similar to meditation, our senses can bring us immediately into our body and the present moment. I allow my own intuition and Spirit to guide me as to what belongs in each one. The content varies and flows from one to the other. Each one has its own energy and theme. I now create Ritual Kits, Recovery Kits, and Self Love Kits in addition to the original Connection Kit.

They are meant to be a foundational kit that grows and expands with you as you continue to explore your path. Allow the contents to come and go and reflect your journey. You might want to add pictures of people or spirit guides that you look to for guidance, small mementos from mother earth, or a keepsake you have received and holds a special place in your heart. There are no rules! Anything goes when we are talking about connecting with ourselves. You are the only one that truly knows what belongs here and when. I encourage you to set time aside each day (even if it is 5 minutes) to connect with YOU. Simple breathing, creating, journaling, moving your body, meditating, singing, and any nature immersion is a great place to start.

What you might find in your kit to help inspire your own intuition

  1. Cigar Box – You may want to paint it, put stickers on it, or change it out completely. You are encouraged to have a go-to travel friendly container to keep your “connection tools” with you wherever you go, easily set up an at home altar, or create sacred space out in mother earth.
  2. Incense and Incense holder – This helps you set the stage and alert your mind, body, and spirit that it is time to slow down and go within. Take a deep breath, hold at the top, and slowly exhale. Repeat.
  3. Ritual Papers – Write down names, feelings, or situations that you want to release and let go of or give gratitude for. Once you write on them, you can burn or bury them in a personal ceremony.
  4. Matches and a Candle – Lighting a candle is usually the opening of any meditation or grounding practice. It gives you something to focus on if needed and also is a reminder of bringing your own light into this world.
  5. Coffee or Tea – Taking time out to prepare a warm beverage and sit silently sipping is a simple connection tool. It gives you permission to pause in the present moment and slows you down immediately.
  6. Cacao or Cacao Bar – Cacao is grounding in nature and helps you open your heart. By simply breaking off a piece and slowly savoring the taste and sensations, you will connect from the inside out.
  7. Palo santo/Selenite/Sweetgrass – This wood is known as “holy wood” and has many healing properties. You light the Palo Santo and then let the smoke drift through the air, cleansing the physical, mental, and spiritual plains. Sweetgrass is often burned at the beginning of a prayer or ceremony to attract positive energies. Selenite can cleanse your energy and raise your vibration. Selenite can also cleanse your other crystals.
  8. Oil Blend – Oils can be used to set the stage and ground you into a certain intention, mood, or state of mind. Place intuitively on your body or simply inhale. Pause, Apply, Inhale, and Repeat as needed.
  9. Bath Tea or Salts – Ritual bathing can be a spiritual act. It is an act of self care and also a cleansing tool to help you reset from your day. If you don’t have a tub this can just as easily be a foot bath using any container you have on hand. You can also boil or infuse in water overnight and then pour over yourself either in a private area outside or your shower. Feel free to add essential oils, flowers, and other herbs.
  10. Teachers Tape – These little white squares can be cut down and used to easily stick pictures, quotes, or little cards on the lid of your box. The good news is that they come off just as easy.
  11. Little Cloth or Vintage Handkerchief – These can be used to give thanks and make personal offerings (flowers, money, a stone, a feather you found on your walk today). They are also the perfect backdrop to create nature mandalas on with supplies you forage and gather on your hikes. Vintage items can also hold the energy of our ancestors.
  12. Herbs/Resin/Charcoal Disks/Burner/Coaster – Place bowl or shell on coaster, add sand to the vessel. Place a charcoal disk on the sand, light it and when it turns white begin to sprinkle pinches of herbs/resins. Inhale and enjoy your aromatic creations. You can also make little offering blends to leave in nature, create an herbal tea blend, or add to epsom salt for a bath.
  13. Small Bowl – this bowl can be used in creating your own personal herbal blends or used as a water vessel to place on your altar.
  14. Crystals – Crystals have healing properties and hold specific vibrations that help to balance the body, mind, and spirit. They can aid in specific intentions and healing. You can use them in meditations, baths, or simply placing them on the body and around the house.
  15. Affirmation Cards – Positive messages of support that can be the gentle reminder of our intentions and what we are working towards. Place somewhere visible and read daily.
  16. Blank Canvas or Mini Journal – A space to create, journal, and play.
  17. Single Feather or Fan- A representation of letting go and the natural process of shedding and releasing. A resource for bringing in the element of Air. Can be used as a fan to direct smoke from incense.
  18. Love and Connection – This kit is but a reminder to the abundance of love and connection available to you. Allow it to help you connect deeper with yourself, source, the elements, and the communities around you.

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"Within you, there is a stillness and a sanctuary to which you can retreat at anytime and be yourself."

Hermann Hesse, Siddhartha

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